We put a personal touch on your plan that will keep your workouts from feeling like a chore. We incorporate fun into inspiring and rejuvenating group classes.

  1. Closed toed shoes must be worn at all times on the fitness floor.
  2. No loud talking will be allowed while on the fitness floor.
  3. No foul language or profanity allowed.
  4. We ask that all members respect one another by covering their bodies appropriately when working out on the fitness floor. Please refrain from wearing clothing that is inappropriate such as tank tops or clothing that expose areas of the body that should be covered.
  5. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed on the fitness floor.
  6. Children age 17 and older can use strength stations, cardio equipment, and free weight area.
  7. Plastic containers for water and drink only allowed on the fitness floor. No glass containers allowed.
  8. Unless cell phone is being used for music only with earphones, no cell phone usage (texting or talking) is allowed on any of the equipment on the fitness floor. We reserve the right to ask you to refrain from cell phone use while working out or to go to the lobby area if you have a call to make.
  9. During peak times, cardio usage will only be for 30 minutes.
  10. Please restack weights and dumbbells after use in the free weight area.
  11. Please wipe down equipment with the wipes that have been provided after use as a courtesy to members for further usage.
  12. We do not provide towels, so please bring a towel for use if needed.